At least 1 Myo(s) required

RoMyo lets you control your Roku using your Myo armband! It's an Android app that reads your Myo gestures and converts them to remote control commands, which are sent to your Roku through Wi-Fi.

Quick Start: • Put on your Myo and sync your arm • Pair your Myo with RoMyo app in the armbands menu • Select the Roku player you want to control form the players menu • Double tap your thumb and middle finger to unlock your Myo • Follow the gestures listed below to control your Roku!

Other features: • Connect up to 4 Myo armbands to your phone and control your Roku • Ignore and unpair individual Myo armbands from the armbands menu • Adjust the timeout period to lock your Myo when idle • Enable or disable double tap gesture to lock your Myo

Put your Myo on, and control your Roku!

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Double Tap: Lock or Unlock Myo
Double Tap
Lock or Unlock Myo
Wave Left: Rewind, Back (high) or Left (low)
Wave Left
Rewind, Back (high) or Left (low)
Wave Right: Fast forward, Home (high) or Right (low)
Wave Right
Fast forward, Home (high) or Right (low)
Spread Fingers: Play/Pause, Select (high) or Up (low)
Spread Fingers
Play/Pause, Select (high) or Up (low)
Make Fist: Instant Replay, Info (high), Down (low)
Make Fist
Instant Replay, Info (high), Down (low)
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