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Myo Glass Companion Demo
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At least 1 Myo(s) required

The Myo Glass Companion Demo allows you to control Google Glass using Myo gestures instead of the built-in trackpad. Make a fist to select, spread your fingers to go back, and wave left or right to navigate.

Get started with the Myo Glass Companion:

  1. Ensure the MyGlass app and background processes are not running (Kill them from Application Manager).
  2. Connect your Myo armband and Google Glass inside of the Myo Glass Companion.
  3. Perform the Unlock pose (Double-Tap) to enable Myo control for a short time, which will turn the application's icon from gray to blue.
  4. Gestures will be shown on the phone, and commands are sent to the Glass device. Glass must be active to respond to touch commands.

This application is open source! Check out the code here:

Screenshot thumbnailScreenshot thumbnail


Double Tap: Unlock
Double Tap
Wave Left: Swipe Left
Wave Left
Swipe Left
Wave Right: Swipe Right
Wave Right
Swipe Right
Spread Fingers: Swipe Down / Go Back
Spread Fingers
Swipe Down / Go Back
Make Fist: Tap / Select
Make Fist
Tap / Select
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