Handy Browser
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At least 1 Myo(s) required

Control your preferite browser with your hands!!

Swipe, close and reopen tabs, scroll pages at different velocities, only with one hand!!


  • when you make a fist, be careful about the vertical inclination you give at the arm, more degrees, faster velocities!!
  • for combo-gestures, you've 2 seconds between the first and second one. Hurry up!! ;)
  • you can disable auto-lock editing row 39, setting AUTO_LOCK constant to "false" (default is true). In this way, you'll lock manually via double tap.


  • swipe right/left to switch tabs
  • double fingers-spread to open a new tab
  • fingers-spread + fist to close current tab
  • fingers-spread + swipe left to reopen last closed tab
  • hold a fist and move up or down to scroll. More inclination, more scroll velocity!
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Double Tap: lock/unlock Myo
Double Tap
lock/unlock Myo
Wave Left: previous tab
Wave Left
previous tab
Wave Right: next tab
Wave Right
next tab
Spread Fingers: combined gestures. See description
Spread Fingers
combined gestures. See description
Make Fist: hold and move up/down to scroll
Make Fist
hold and move up/down to scroll
Pan: holding a fist can scroll pages!!
holding a fist can scroll pages!!
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