Fabian Weyerstall
Safari Connector
Download Safari Connector
At least 1 Myo(s) required

With Safari Connector running in the background, controlling Safari. Open Safari on your computer, double tap to unlock your Myo armband, and wave left and right to navigate your Pages. Spread your finger to reload the page.

Get started with Safari Connector:

  1. Run Myo Connect.
  2. Open Safari and start gesturing.
Screenshot thumbnailScreenshot thumbnail


Double Tap: Unlock your Myo.
Double Tap
Unlock your Myo.
Wave Left: Loads the previous URL.
Wave Left
Loads the previous URL.
Wave Right: Loads the next URL.
Wave Right
Loads the next URL.
Spread Fingers: Reload the Page.
Spread Fingers
Reload the Page.
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