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Kerbal Space Program
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At least 1 Myo(s) required

This Connector lets you use the Myo armband as a secondary controller to build a rocket and launch it into space!

Keep your primary hand on the mouse and put the Myo armband on your secondary arm. The Myo armband is used to move the map around and quickly move between units.

Note: Spread fingers allows you to place items while building, and separate stages in flight. Try not to blow up your rocket!

Get started with Kerbal Space Program:

  1. Click the button above to download the Connector.
  2. Open the Kerbal Space Program game and start gesturing.

Compatible Platforms: Windows Required Programs: Kerbal Space Program (Available for download at

Screenshot thumbnailScreenshot thumbnailScreenshot thumbnail


Double Tap: Toggle Unlock
Double Tap
Toggle Unlock
Wave Left: Throttle Down
Wave Left
Throttle Down
Wave Right: Throttle Up
Wave Right
Throttle Up
Spread Fingers: Place Items and Activate Next Stage
Spread Fingers
Place Items and Activate Next Stage
Make Fist: Enable Camera Control
Make Fist
Enable Camera Control
Rotate: Move Around Rocket (With Fist Held)
Move Around Rocket (With Fist Held)
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