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Netflix Connector
This connector is built into Myo Connect
At least 1 Myo(s) required

With Myo Connect running in the background, controlling Netflix just works. Open Netflix on your computer, double tap to unlock your Myo armband, and start using gestures to control your screen while watching movies or shows.

Wave right and left to nudge the playhead forward or back, or hold the wave gesture to fast-forward or rewind. Play and pause with your fingers or roll your fist to crank up the volume.

Control your movies and shows at the speed of thought.

Get started with Netflix Connector:

  1. Run Myo Connect.
  2. Open Netflix and start gesturing.

Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac Required Programs: Netflix (in-browser)

Screenshot thumbnailScreenshot thumbnail


Double Tap: Timed Unlock
Double Tap
Timed Unlock
Wave Left: Rewind
Wave Left
Wave Right: Fast-Forward
Wave Right
Spread Fingers: Play and Pause
Spread Fingers
Play and Pause
Make Fist: Control Volume
Make Fist
Control Volume
Rotate: Turn Volume Up and Down
Turn Volume Up and Down
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