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At least 1 Myo(s) required

Note - Presentation mode is now built directly into Myo Connect, including native support for Keynote. To learn more, open Myo Connect's getting started guide and choose Present with Myo after doing the sync gesture. The Connector below still works, but uses a different control scheme than presentation mode.

With Myo Connect running in the background, controlling Keynote (6.0 or later) just works. Open Keynote on your computer, double tap to unlock your Myo armband, and wave left and right to navigate your presentation.

Give your audience a taste of the future.

Get started with Keynote Connector:

  1. Run Myo Connect.
  2. Open Keynote and start gesturing.

Compatible Platforms: Mac Required Programs: Apple Keynote (6.0 or later)

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Double Tap: Timed Unlock
Double Tap
Timed Unlock
Wave Left: Previous Slide
Wave Left
Previous Slide
Wave Right: Next Slide
Wave Right
Next Slide
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