Myo Tasker Plugin
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At least 1 Myo(s) required

This is a simple plugin for Tasker that allows users to set up hand gestures using Thalmic's Myo armband to trigger Tasker events.To use, open Tasker and create a new profile with the 'First Context' being an Event. A popup will ask you to select an 'Event Category'. Select Plugin -> Add Myo Gesture.This is an open-source project hosted at https://github.com/damageless/MyoTaskerPluginPlease send an email if you encounter issues or have suggestions.More features soon...

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Double Tap: Custom action
Double Tap
Custom action
Wave Left: Custom action
Wave Left
Custom action
Wave Right: Custom action
Wave Right
Custom action
Spread Fingers: Custom action
Spread Fingers
Custom action
Make Fist: Custom action
Make Fist
Custom action
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