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Myo Music
At least 1 Myo(s) required

Myo Music lets you control music playback in popular players and streaming apps using simple hand gestures. Spread your fingers to start or stop, rotate your to control volume, and wave left or right to change tracks.

Get started with Myo Music:

  1. Download and open Myo Music.
  2. Make sure a music player or streaming app is running.
  3. Pair Myo Music with your Myo armband and start gesturing.
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Double Tap: Timed Unlock
Double Tap
Timed Unlock
Wave Left: Previous Track
Wave Left
Previous Track
Wave Right: Next Track
Wave Right
Next Track
Spread Fingers: Play and Pause
Spread Fingers
Play and Pause
Make Fist: Control Volume
Make Fist
Control Volume
Rotate: Turn Volume Up and Down
Turn Volume Up and Down
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